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Limonello Silvio Carta 70cl

Limonello Silvio Carta 70cl

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Technical data

Typology:  lemon liqueur. Format: 70cl.

Alcohol content:  28% Vol.

Appearance:  yellow color with green reflections.

Perfume:  intense that recalls the raw material.

Flavour:  typical of the Mediterranean lemon.


The production of the lemon liqueur began exactly thirty years ago, its success has contributed to making Silvio Carta a leading company in Sardinia in the liqueur sector.

To celebrate the thirtieth year of production, Elio Carta wanted to create a lemon liqueur, which he called " Limonello " to differentiate it from the other called "Limoncino", with the use of  lemons of his own production .

Excellent as an aperitif or as a digestive, it should be enjoyed frozen and it is advisable to  keep it in the freezer .

The "Limonello" is pleasant to taste even at room temperature, mixed with tonic water or champagne.

It is also frequently used on ice creams and fruit salads


Lemon liqueur

An exaltation of taste, aromas and colors of Sardinian lemons.

Intense, lively and pleasant both iced neat and at room temperature combined with tonic water and champagne.

Limonello  is versatile and fresh, ideal for an aperitif or as a digestive.