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J. de Villebois Petit Sauvignon Blanc 2021 Meats & Eats

J. de Villebois Petit Sauvignon Blanc 2021

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The recently created Vin de France appellation is a fantastic opportunity for J. de Villebois to work with multiple terroirs. Made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown on the Atlantic Coast and in the Loire Valley, our wine is stunning. Thanks to J. de Villebois’ expertise with the Sauvignon Blanc grape in the Loire Valley, we’ve been able to deliver a wine both “haut de gamme” AND affordable!

Touraine as an Art of life, the Loire as a territory

This unique adventure began in Touraine, in the heart of the Loire Valley, between Chambord, Chenonceaux and Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher. Fascinated by the Medieval period, Joost de Villebois, aristocrat and a direct descendant of knights from the village of Villebois-Lavalette where the original family castle still stands proud in the foothills of the Périgord, Gironde and Charente, chose the Loire Valley to pursue his viticutural dreams.

Sauvignon Blanc as a battle horse!

The grape variety originally from Loire, has conquered many new lands becoming the second most popular white grape variety in the world! It is on the banks of the Loire that it produces its most subtle nectars. Since 1936, many Loire appellations have adopted it as their favourite grape variety. As Joost de Villebois's “Choix de Coeur” he immediately understood its full potential. He dedicates himself daily to the task of ensuring it reaches the tables of wine lovers the world over.

Different Styles, a unified spirit!

The Loire as the union, Sauvignon Blanc as a common point. From his base in the heart of Touraine, J. de Villebois has gradually moved eastwards up the Loire and its appellations to the borders of Berry and Burgundy. As a man of the earth he loves contact with his vineyards and terroirs. A fine technician, he brings his magic touch to the vineyards he chooses, to create the wine of his passion. Demanding of himself, his vintages must first seduce him before they can join his family. His creations are driven by his passion and his desire to discover. Place yourself in his generous care and let him guide you on his astonishing journey to discover the terroirs and their subtleties.

One family, one team!

The best teamwork comes from (wo)men who are working independently toward one goal in unison. As he travels, preaches, seduces,… he patiently builds his team of technicians, oenologists, winegrowers, artists... who all work in union to become the specialist of Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire. Each member joins the family and contributes their unique set of skills & talents. As the union grows technical choices are debated, beliefs are reviewed and traditions are overthrown. Only the subtle nuances of Sauvignon Blanc are allowed to consistently prevail…

J. de Villebois or Villebois?

Like two branches of the same family, they stand side by side, complement each other and carry the colours of the de Villebois family far and wide. The Villebois range reflects Mr de Villebois' desire to produce contemporary, accessible, unvarnished Sauvignon Blanc that remains faithful to the terroir that gave birth to it. As a result of a deliberate technical approach, Villebois provides the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of Sauvignon Blanc on a tighter budget. Villebois wines are the flagships of the Domaine and the gateway for all to the great terroirs of the Loire.