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Folenvie Colombard - Chardonnay Côtes de Gascogne 2019 Meats & Eats

Folenvie Colombard - Chardonnay Côtes de Gascogne 2019

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Folenvie White Colombard Chardonnay

Looking for a white wine made from a golden duo? Look no further because this Folenvie Colombard Chardonnay is made from a golden duo and not without success. We have been proud to include the Folenvie series in our range for years. These wines come from the winery where Yvon Mau has been in charge since 1914. The story goes that this man on his bicycle was on a quest in France for good wines. When he found a perfect place around 1913, he became owner of the winery in 1914, which is still known today under his name, Yvon Mau. This man was always looking for gems from unknown places. High-quality wines for a very pleasant price. We certainly see that in the wines of Folenvie today. The series of wines from Folenvie was developed by the winery Yvon Mau as a qualitative good house wine series. Well that has certainly worked!

Classic French white wine

This Folenvie White consists of Colombard and Chardonnay. The Colombard is best known for its share of cognac. The Chardonnay has made a name for itself in France in the Chablis. So we can say two kings. We go up the vineyards for the Colombard grapes in the Côtes de Gascogne. Due to the higher planting, the 20-year-old vines receive enough coolness that this delicious grape needs. The Chardonnay is planted a bit lower because this grape needs more heat for optimal ripening. A lot of pruning is required in the vineyards. Due to the many pruning, the yield of the grapes is lower, but the quality is excellent. At perfect ripeness, the grapes are harvested by machine, after which the separate pressing and vinification will take place.

The taste of Folenvie White Colombard Chardonnay

The result? A tasteful winner! It is time to open the bottle and test the wine. When this Folenvie White is in the glass, we see a beautiful subtle golden yellow color with a rich sparkle. In the fragrance we noted a wide and classic range of tropical fruit, citrus and white pear. A scent to swoon away wonderfully. The taste is subtle and classic with beautiful nuances of the tropical fruit that are balanced by the citrus notes. The mild but also refreshing aftertaste provides a phenomenal end result that Yvon Mau can be proud of.


Chardonnay, Colombard

France / Vin de Pays / Comté Tolosan / Côtes de Gascogne

Wine style
Languedoc-Roussillon White

Contains sulfites