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Etsu Handcrafted Gin 0.7L

Etsu Handcrafted Gin 0.7L

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Etsu Handcrafted Gin from Japan brings literal pleasure

Etsu Handcrafted Gin from Japan is a must for those who feel deeply connected to the land of the rising sun and also have a soft spot for exotic flavours. Gin from Japan is very much in vogue as Far Eastern manufacturers take a different approach to clear spirits and use even more adventurous ingredients for flavouring. You can get Etsu Gin here in the 0.7 litre bottle with 43% alcohol by volume and a beautiful gift box.


Etsu Handcrafted Gin was created in Japan on the island of Hokkaido, a popular winter holiday destination for skiers because there is a lot of snow there during the cold season. As the name suggests, the production is carried out with loving care by hand. The Japanese term "Etsu" means "pleasure", which also makes it immediately clear what one can look forward to when enjoying the gin.


The design of Etsu Gin leaves no doubt that this is a product from Japan. Both the bottle (0.7 litre / 43% alcohol) and the gift box show a geisha corresponding to a lotus blossom. On her head you can see a shrine which belongs to the locally widespread natural religion of Shinto. The high degree of aesthetics in Etsu Gin is not only important in drinks.


The recipe used is top secret. Only the gin burners from Japan know which botanicals are used for the production.


If you taste Etsu Handcrafted Gin, you can guess the approximate composition of the botanicals. Of course, the juniper berries can be tasted. In addition, green tea, some vegetables and yuzu are added. In addition you can taste spicy Sancho pepper. The result is a very harmonious balance of bitter, fruity, sweet, sour and hot.

Serving suggestion

Taste the gin from Japan pure to be able to taste the different nuances beautifully. If you want to accentuate the yuzu aroma, mix Etsu with a yuzu-heavy tonic. If you don't want to take away too much of the taste of the drink, we recommend combining it with a Light Tonic. Gin from Japan is also a great base for extravagant cocktails. Let off steam! With 0.7 litre capacity, you have the opportunity to create some delicious drinks.