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Chocolate Tartufo Ice-cream - Meats And Eats

Chocolate Tartufo Ice-cream

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The Rachelli Tartufo is synonymous with tradition, creativity and quality. When it merges with ice-cream it turns into an explosion of goodness to be savoured one spoonful at a time. A combination of exquisite creamy Gianduia with a heart of chocolate and delicately wrapped in a thin layer of finely crushed hazelnut and cocoa, all strictly certified by Demeter as biodynamic of course.


Gianduia ice cream (80%)(milk**, raw cane sugar**, cream**, manioca syrup*, hazelnut paste* (4%), cocoa powder* (3%),stabilizer: locust bean gum*), chocolate ice cream (16%)(milk**, cream**, raw cane sugar**, manioc syrup*, fat reduced cocoa powder* (4%), plain chocolate* (2%)(cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, vanilla powder*), stabilizer: locust bean gum*), cocoa powder* (1,9%), hazelnuts* (1%), cane sugar*.





Nutritional values per 100g

Energy: 206 kcal / 862 kJ, Fats: 10,0g – Of which saturates 5,0g, Carbohydrate: 24,0 g – Of which sugars: 22,0g, Protein: 4,0g, Salt: 0,09g.