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Chateau Carbonneyre Jean Voisin, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru AOC 2016 Meats & Eats

Chateau Carbonneyre Jean Voisin, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru AOC 2016

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Ruler "Ginestet" consists of the wines created from the harvests from the best cru of Zhineste and reflecting the quality of the great wines of Bordeaux. Their production is based on a century-old home experience Zhineste. Vinification and aging take place under the watchful eye of winemakers. series of wines "Zhineste" has to its credit numerous awards obtained in professional industry competitions.

"Zhineste" Bordeaux Rouge - elegant, round fruity wine with a harmonious, balanced blend. Wine Making - from the selection of grapes to bottling - is carried out with great care. Despite the saturation and sufficient power of taste, this wine is easy to drink, it goes well with dishes of white and red meats and cheeses.

Ginestet Company history began more than a century ago. It owns several castles including Château Chasse-Cplin, Gryuo Chateau-Larose, and Chateau Ferriere Chateau Sitran. The portfolio of the company includes a number of brands that cover a variety of market direction - "Marquis de Chasse", "French Roots" and "Ginestet". In addition to production and sale of wine, together with the house Zhineste Florescens has been creating perfumes. It is noteworthy that the scents of toilet waters repeat primary aromas of Bordeaux wines.
Company Zhineste - the keeper of the rich heritage of wine-making tradition of the Bordeaux region, utilizing great terroirs of Bordeaux Chateau to create with the help of high-tech modern high quality wines.