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Bio-Catolet  Cat Litter - 12lt - Meats And Eats

Bio-Catolet Cat Litter - 12lt

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Made in Germany

Why use Bio Catolet?

Bio Catolet performance came out with excellent results in the Oko test
(the European equivalent of Which).

✶ 100% recycled paper
✶ No landfill or disturbing Mother Earth
✶ Light to carry
✶ Lasts long than other cat litters
✶ 12lt =7/10days 25lt = 20/24days
✶ Built in winter and summer perfumes
✶ Contains a flea deterrent (veg based)
✶ A brand pet owners trust
✶ Absorbs 250% of its own weight
✶ Suitable for other small animals
✶ Value for money
✶ 100% bio-degradable
✶ 60% lighter than clay
✶ 30% lighter than wood
✶ Sold in the UK for over 20 years